OB-1180 New Edition JX Series Home Gym High Quality

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New Edition OB/JX-1180 Home Gym

Weighs 67Kgs/148LBS vinyl weight stack(14 pcs x 10LBS+1pcs x 8LBS), Aircraft-rated Cable at
2000Lb tensile strength,Tube 50 x 1,5mm heavy duty contrucion tube, Max User 125 Kgs
With Lat Pull Bar ,Biceps Curl Bar,Single Strap And Ankle Straps
148LBS vinyl weight stack(14pcs X 10LBS +1 Pcs X 8LBS)
2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables | Max user body weight:125Kgs
Bench Press,Pec Deck ,Lat Pull Down (Front And Back),
Preacher Curl,Seated Rows,Leg Extension and Curls,
Preacher Curl,Inner & Outer Thigh Exercise
Durable powder coated finish | Assembly Size:2100(L)x900(W)x1800(H) mm

Berat 125 kg


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