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OB-9008 Air WalkerHigh Quality

Rp3.600.000 Rp1.800.000

OB-1049 Electric Treadmill High Technology Spring Shock Absorption Sys

Rp17.000.000 Rp10.000.000

OB-6215 X Bike RED Best Seller & Ergonomis

Rp2.500.000 Rp2.000.000

Plastic Dumbbell 20Kg GRATIS Sarung Tangan

Rp2.500.000 Rp1.250.000

Plastic Dumbbell 15Kg GRATIS Sarung Tangan

Rp2.000.000 Rp1.000.000

OB-1821 New Elliptical Cross Trainer with Seat


OB-1020 Big Electric Treadmill

Rp36.000.000 Rp18.000.000

OB/JX-1180 New Edition JX Series Home Gym High Quality


OB-926 Home Gym Multi Function 3 Station High Recommended for Commercial Use


OB-2003 Manual Treadmill Multifungsi dgn Belt Massager


OB-1051 Big Electric Treadmill MF

Rp14.000.000 Rp9.000.000

OB-6205 Magnetic Mini Bike Promo Termurah

Rp3.000.000 Rp1.750.000
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